INTERIOR DOORS - Closet Options
Seven doors styles are stocked in all sizes. Choose between smooth or texture finish. Hollow core is standard. Solid core, solid wood, and other options are available upon request.
Sets of Pre-Hung Doubles Doors are very popular, replacing bifold doors. Doubles allow you full access to your closet. In this situation the doors are held shut by roller latch hardware installed in the top of the door. Bifolds are becoming less popular, however they
are still useful in situations where the necessary
space is not available to swing full size doors.
Bypass are even less common than bifolds. This is due to the fact that only half of the closet is accessible at one time. EZ Wood stocks the track and hardware in following sizes:
48", 60", 72", and 96"
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EZ Wood stocks a wide variety of trim profiles. We use only the highest quality of primed MDF. Other wood types available on special order.
Distinguish your home by selecting a hardware finish and lock type that compliments your decorating theme.
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